Colchuck lake, through sparse trees, with bare rock mountains behind; Apline Lakes Wilderness, Enchantments area, Washington.
Colchuck lake, way out of scope.

Organizations are being encouraged to track their carbon emissions via public pressure and perceived competitive advantage, but what exactly are they tracking and how are those boundaries defined? Do the scopes even make sense for the purpose to which they are being put? Let’s dig in and see what’s what.

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol is a widely used international accounting tool that defines three scopes for greenhouse gas emissions. Already we can see some challenges, this isn’t carbon accounting, and isn’t even a full GHG accounting framework. This is emissions. Active contributions in the day to day steady state…

Rachel Lake, Washington

Catching the Sun

This has been rattling around in my brain pan for a while. And by for a while, that’s probably 15 years with this post as a draft for four years. I’m clearing the mental decks for what is coming next.

Making Power

The sun is one of the more important elements of our natural environment [Citation Needed]. When it comes to powering our human lives, the sun has all the power we could need. Solar is ultimately the source of all power on Earth, since it is all star-stuff or driven by celestial mechanics (the geo in geothermal only accreted due to…

Geoff Staneff

Former thermoelectrics and fuel cell scientist; current software product manager. He/Him.

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